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HitTrax gives real-time feedback and tracks every aspect of your training session. This technology can show the exit ball velocity, distance, pitch speed, spray charts, and hard hit average (to name a few features) to identify your weaknesses. Knowing your weaknesses and having immediate feedback after every swing leads to more productive lessons so you can get the most out of each swing. All of your data from each lesson is stored in our database so that we can track your progress from session to session, season to season.

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Are you a visual learner? HitTrax incorporates video playback in slow motion. The 120 frames per second recording allows us to break down your swing like never before. With this video, we can determine your angle in which you enter the hitting zone, head movement and weight transfer throughout your swing; as well as how that affects your hard contact rate. For a better analysis of your swing, each video is paired up with all the data that is recorded by HitTrax for that specific hit.


Play a game using HitTrax! Using our ProBatter, have realistic at bats and compete in a game against other teams. 

HitTrax calls "balls" and "strikes" along with using advance algorithms to dictate if a ball put in play is an out or a hit, depending on the players age.

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